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Small bike to coast

Shimba Hills Forest, Kwale
20 July 2020
Diani-Kwale Bikers group maiden ride
3 August 2020

Other stop, Voi, was concerned I had low pressure, turned out to be cross winds, did a fatal mistake of thinking I could reach Mariakani, I run out at Taru around 10:55am and had to push the bike to some roadside vendors, got a litre at 120 which pushed me to Mariakani


Joined Kaloleni Mavueni and was in Kilifi by 12:15pm

529km day 2

Left at 4:00 am, due to bad weather was gentle on the throttle, nylon tires don't do you justice when the need to stop arises, used Mavueni Kaloleni road, cautious abit because of the lamps, 5:05 I was at Kaloleni, had to adjust my hair because it was itching then pushed.

7:07 am found me at Voi, fuel top up at Shell Voi and continued pushing, less crosswinds this time. 9: 54 was at Emali, bought onions and oranges and also afew updates, got in nairobi and decided to use the bypass instead of the CBD because of traffic, arrived home at 12:18pm.


Fuel used is approximately 1800 both ways. Had replaced my oil with synthetic motorol oil a day priot, run my errands around Kilifi, Gede and Gongoni for the 2 days. Swapped my old lamps with some LED set for my journey back.

For first timers, if traffic is a problem, possibly tailgate a vehicle at safe distance that has reasonable pace, day 1 for was a black prado and a PSV FH, saved me from joining the wrong lane at the interchange and the numerous times some users don't dip their lamps, day 2 was a tour landcruiser, saved me alot.

Only issues are, I took the bike to a fundi that kinda messed up a few things, lost a steering nut on the way, plus license holder, in Kilifi my carburetor fell of, yes, but saw it at home and fixed it myself

Other than that, solid ride, except for the cagers that pushed me off the roads and the crosswinds, I'll do the same later

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  1. Denis says:

    Am all smiles…

    Posts I need to read often. They encourage. Keep up

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