Narok County

10 October 2021

Early October 2021

Short story compilations including offroading in Narok, Thika Road Nyumba Kumi pizza and more
5 December 2019

Duka Moja Accident report

Afraid that the bike would hit me (thanks to my endless hours of YouTube videos on bike accidents) I looked back only to see my bike airborne and about to fall on me.
21 November 2021

From Narok to Njoro and back

proceed to Narok via the Mau-Narok route. This is one of the most direct routes I've ever been on. Straight and straight ahead no branching or anything. The tarmac is fresh most if it. Very wide, minimal bumps
25 December 2021

Christmas short stories

Christmas is about riding down to the location behind your ID...