Kajiado County

9 August 2021

The new Ngong Suswa road

The scenes out there were so awesome, from the escarpment like views to the sunset rays under the clouds, I'd call that heaven on earth, we got to our stop somewhere along the road in the middle of nowhere, made stories
4 September 2020

Easy Border Ride – To Tz and Back

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19 December 2019

Bike rebuild test ride

The local suggested I push the bike to a nearby manyatta where I could leave it for the night and they would give me a ride to Kimuka. They were unwilling to carry my bike on their pick up.
14 February 2022

February short stories

A scenic route to Voi. A boat ride across Masinga Dam. Throwback to a 1978 ride. Small falls on Rongai Kitengela quarry road. A crash on nyoka nyoka road.
28 November 2021

From the ocean to the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Oloirien secondary school area was dry but there were flash flood from the rain in Tanzania, logs, twigs and branches were floating across I had to wait and seen how local boda boda experts cross the running water.
25 April 2021

Magadi Random

Beautiful landscape. A series of small shopping centres mark the passage of distance and time. Road signs - "engage low gear", "flash flood danger" - remind you to take care.
22 December 2021

Oloitoktok to Taveta through Tanzania

From Tarakea border post everything was nice the Twisties waaaa! I have never seen, the road engineering was nice, in every twist the inner lanes are made wider than the outer you can go wider on a corner without entering the other lane.
7 April 2022

Olorgesailie random

Off Magadi Road a museum's placed, Many know of, but haven't graced; Olorgesailie: a tricky name to unwind, Totally twists the tongue and mind. The itch to visit wouldn't relent, My son on pillion, off we went;
1 February 2022

The Chronicles of Ubuntu Ride 2022

As we have breakfast with Dan, Mutua, David and Jose we hatch a plan to do an adjusted route. I loop House into the plan and he obliges. The route will lead us from Machakos - Wote – Makindu – Emali – and back to Nairobi, at least that is the plan, lakini ya mungu ni mengi!
2 January 2022

Easy Sunday – the Ngong Hills circuit

Destination: Muturis, a choma joint with a “food court” set up – different vendors offering mbuzi, pork and fish. Spacious, with a kids' play area. Good ambiance. Music.