Kilifi County

29 October 2021

Sala Gate excursion

A local guy called one crocodile and the reptile obliged and came out of the water. I had never seen or heard of humans calling crocodiles from a river! It was and still is intriguing to me.
5 November 2021

Benelli coast tour

In Malindi, Nicolas took them through the gauntlet by getting them baked in the Hell’s Kitchen natural vista, then the sweeping sands of the Mamburui dunes where desert seems to meet ocean…yet, not entirely. They then took on the rough road to the jagged black rocks of Vuma cliffs, mixed it up with some boat rides and also the historical Vasco Da Gama pillar.
18 May 2021

Vuma Cliffs, Kilifi

Vuma cliffs.....🤔 is a place that can be described as partly surreal and partly beautiful, worthy of the word "Vista". We roamed around the vast expanse of sharp jagged rocks and soaked in the humid salty air
12 October 2021

Solo trip to Lamu

Huduma day holiday plans. Consulted google maps on Mombasa-Lamu route. I've seen many riders do it but on big Adv bikes and am here to attempt it on my rooster
10 October 2021

Early October 2021

Short story compilations including offroading in Narok, Thika Road Nyumba Kumi pizza and more
6 January 2022

Sala Gate, season 2

Following Nicolas Kazz post sometime last year on Sala gate, I added it to my bucket list, so today I checked on maps and maps indicated its a 290km round trip,
20 July 2020

Small bike to coast

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27 September 2020

A Saturday in Hell’s Kitchen

For SAKAYO and i, it would be the first fully tarmac stretch of road, 4hr.20min to Marafa from Diani, 190kms and back.... Making it 380kms covered in one day and 8hrs of riding. I started early(6.30am) to Nyali to meet up with Ralf. Mother nature decided to start making things exciting by introducing a slight shower and slippery tarmac. The ride to likoni from Diani was therefore very sketchy, what with trailers from Tanzania filling the road with spray and matatus in a hurry to overtake. The ferry crossing was uneventful and the ride to Nyali rather pleasant. The weather had dried out as i crossed thr ferry and it was going to be a beautiful sunny day. Om arriving at Ralf's place, we talked a while and had coffee, before leaving for Kilifi.