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Shimba Hills Forest, Kwale

Respect earned
19 July 2020
Small bike to coast
20 July 2020

By Morris Njue

K wale County is a magnificent place if you know where to look or, if you know who to ask.

A while back, Jàys Bloc Boy reached out. He had been living quietly under the scourge of "keyboard rider" but decided to be bold. We had been talking and i discovered he is from Kwale town. I decided to go meet him up. This comes a couple of days from the minor surgery i had that rendered me immobile for a while.

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I needed a change of scenery and perceptions.


Kwale town for me has always been a place i just pass by on my way to Kinango or other destinations. Today, he decided to take me on a tour of his stomping grounds.

I was introduced to breathtaking sceneries and our adventure got sketchy as we meandered deep off the beaten path into the wild in search of a gem.

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This gem is a beautiful little waterfall found down some winding very sketchy trails in the depths of Shimbahills Forest. Finding it was a joy, but climbing back up was torture.

Along the excursions, i finally met our own ZMR Karizma Rep Mwarimo Darlington who has been quietly following.

In the end, a short ride and a few hours spent soaking up the fresh air of Kwale town and its environs helped ground me. I was reminded to also keep our fellow "keyboard riders" closer because what they lack in a motorcycle, they make up for in other things.

All the bushwacking was done amidst confirmed news of a rogue lion roaming the wilderness of Shimbahills and its surroundings...

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