Mombasa City County

27 September 2020

Mombasa to Holili

If you love the Northern frontier, and have a thing for open, wild un-mollested spaces, this is a must.
20 June 2022

A random trip to Mwatate

I set off cruising at 90 to 95 km per hour. I was happy being greeted by some guys on personal cars, others on trucks and matatus. 3 hours later I was in Voi, had a failed meet and greet with someone here, 25 minutes later I was in Mwatate.
12 October 2021

Solo trip to Lamu

Huduma day holiday plans. Consulted google maps on Mombasa-Lamu route. I've seen many riders do it but on big Adv bikes and am here to attempt it on my rooster
19 October 2020

Excursion to Lake Chala

Morris Njue and friends ride out to Lake Challa
28 November 2021

From the ocean to the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Oloirien secondary school area was dry but there were flash flood from the rain in Tanzania, logs, twigs and branches were floating across I had to wait and seen how local boda boda experts cross the running water.
5 July 2021

Group rides

Riding in a group, especially in busy urban areas, can be either fun and empowering or stressful and even dangerous. Follow the guidelines in this narration, and hopefully your next group ride will be an enjoyable and safe experience.