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Sala Gate excursion

Hero X-Pulse at 500km
25 October 2021
Hero X-Pulse reflections at 1,000kms
1 November 2021

By Nicolas Kazz

Khal and Kazz decided to do a short early morning ride to Sala Gate from Malindi out of nothing but curiosity. It was well worth it. This was new territory for both myself and Khal.

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Some beautiful mild twisties ushered us out of Malindi town. The twisties stretched slightly past Kakuyuni area after which we were crusing in open stretches of rolling hills.

There was barely any traffic and bumps were few and well marked. Beyond Baolala there was barely any human settlement, just scattered linear settlements.

The temptation to go flat out was real up to a point where we almost hit a dik dik that decided to run right across the road as we approached at speeds of about 130kph (that dik dik must have been an adrenalin junkie!)


Over this stretch just be wary of 2 things: wild animals-warthogs, dik diks, gazelles, herds of elephants etc and mild cross winds.

The entry to the Tsavo East through sala gate did not disappoint. Her majesty River Galana flows graciously through her middle course. The locals seem to have an MOU with the crocs. A local guy called one crocodile and the reptile obliged and came out of the water 😱 I had never seen or heard of humans calling crocodiles from a river! It was and still is intriguing to me.


The National Park has no fence so expect to bump into herds of elephants, ostriches etc at any point before the gate. Lions have also been spotted occasionally beyond the park's demarcation nonetheless cases of human-wildlife conflict have not been a regular occurrence lately.


Just like any other national park, motorbikes are not allowed in. However, if you drive down to the malindi and you'd like some random adventure through a National Park then Tsavo East could be a good contender. It has quite a bit to offer.

Happy weekend fellas.

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