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Hero X-Pulse at 500km

Girls’ night out
23 October 2021
Sala Gate excursion
29 October 2021
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The bike is chilled out. Easy. Pleasant on tarmac, fun off-road. Inapunguza stress. Fuel economy so far is in the 37 kpl range, so even that small 13 litre tank will get me to Mombasa. Hoping to get even better mileage after the running in period.

Things I don't like

The headlights are weak despite being LEDs; Engine idling gets a bit high (up to 2,500 rpm) sometimes; No hand guards provided as stock; The luggage rack is small and not user friendly; And, annoyingly, the front fender graphics sticker wasn't well fitted and came off on the first wash.

Auxiliary lights and a proper top rack are priority upgrades.

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Bottom line though: still lovin' it 👍🏽

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