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Solo trip to Lamu

Early October 2021
10 October 2021
Girls’ night out
23 October 2021

By Joni Muiru Njenga

Huduma day holiday plans. Consulted google maps on Mombasa-Lamu route. I've seen many riders do it but on big Adv bikes and am here to attempt it on my rooster 🐓's no longer a tortoise.

Distance - check ✔
Lamu attractions - check ✔
Dos and donts - check ✔

10/10/2021, 6.00am
Left Mombasa, and 1st stop is Kilifi town to fuel.
Full tank Ksh 1,290 - yes, fuel is expensive 😫.

parallax background I'm off hoping to reach next stop... MINJILA, soonest possible.

All well cruising at average not chasing anyone(above that will just strain the engine and consume more there to enjoy the ride anyway)

The stretch here is not smooth and the crosswinds will make you grab your handlebars hard as if you're wrestling with city kanjo askaris😲😲. Minimal traffic, long road stretches where big bikes get to feel their might.


Next stop comes sooner than expected..9.15 am. Stop for water and legendary road sign photos.🤓

Leave Garissa road and enter Lamu road.

Sweet heavens...newly built, well marked and low traffic road Paradise opens. Apart from random but friendly checkpoints, Wakili and team can leave the "tear gas morans "and go race there.🥸🥸 Only a small part of the road is under construction.

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The highlight was riding through the famous Boni Forest, slow and even stopped for photo. After this I encountered the largest cattle herds though the drought conditions are really threatening. This stretch to LAMU was getting longer than expected and almost ran out of fuel🤔🤔🤔 I was scared.


I did 10kms on reserve until HINDI where I topped with 300 complete though I was just 9kms to MUKOWE JETTY, end of road transport.

11.30am. Overnight parking available and there I found the mighty Coast riders machines parked. Since they were not there, I got chance to see the bikes upclose and candid.


Registered, and off to the ISLAND on Boat. Friendly people and my contact person was awaiting, Captain Twalib. Yes. Nice stay. Next day, boat ride with Captain Twalib and am ready to leave.


1000 Bob fuel and first stop is MANDA, 10kms to inspect the port. Security guards hawakutambua Gixxer, took photos an left for Mombasa.

Stopped at MINJILA for water and topped up 500 Bob fuel. Nonstop ride to Kilifi. Toilet break and final push closely monitoring the odometer as it was approaching 15000kms. Stopped for the obvious.

Home safely. A Nice solo trip. No pressures,no incidents, just throttle and wind.

No bike is LIMITED. Enjoy what you have as you aspire to upgrade. Know your strengths.

Many more rides INSHALLAH.

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