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7 November 2022

Tips for bikers visiting other East Africa countries

They say Rwanda has the best roads in East Africa. There’s a lot of truth in this cliché. Some of the joys of riding on Rwanda’s well paved highways include the virtual absence of speed humps, and the abundance of signage everywhere. It’s very hard to get lost.
20 June 2022

A random trip to Mwatate

I set off cruising at 90 to 95 km per hour. I was happy being greeted by some guys on personal cars, others on trucks and matatus. 3 hours later I was in Voi, had a failed meet and greet with someone here, 25 minutes later I was in Mwatate.
7 April 2022

Olorgesailie random

Off Magadi Road a museum's placed, Many know of, but haven't graced; Olorgesailie: a tricky name to unwind, Totally twists the tongue and mind. The itch to visit wouldn't relent, My son on pillion, off we went;
25 February 2022

Police stories

Most cops in Kenya are good people. There are a number of opportunistic hyenas amongst them who will jump into any opportunity to make a quick killing out of other people's misery.
16 February 2022

The rise of electric motorbikes

The riding experience: lots of torque all through. In Sport mode, the effortless acceleration was impressive - much better than the equivalent combustion engine. There's real hooligan potential there.
14 February 2022

February short stories

A scenic route to Voi. A boat ride across Masinga Dam. Throwback to a 1978 ride. Small falls on Rongai Kitengela quarry road. A crash on nyoka nyoka road.
13 February 2022

Moi North Lake Road, Naivasha

Fancy some dual sport fun? Try the 33km long Moi North Lake Road that loops around the northern part of Lake Naivasha. It starts at Kongoni near the alkaline Lake Oloiden, and ends at Morendat where it joins the Naivasha-Nakuru highway.
13 February 2022

I survived a terrifying motorcycle crash

Lots of accidents happen on Kenyan roads because drivers are often overwhelmed with work, fatigue… hence make bad decisions. Your mission as a biker is to help them make good decisions by riding at a speed they expect.
8 February 2022

Exploring Ibiza on a 50cc Piaggio Typhoon

The prospect of visiting the magical Island of Ibiza in Spain was one that appealed to me greatly. I had long fantasized about exploring the island by bike and finally my chance had come.
7 February 2022

Yamaha R3 review

Yamaha has done the biking community justice by engineering and introducing the R3 to the market and this goes a long way in horning riding skills amongst the new riders; whilst giving them both the fun and respect they deserve.
2 February 2022

How I acquired my 2nd hand first bike

Moral of the post: Good people exist out there and just imagine how everyone would be happy with genuine deals. Asante sana.
1 February 2022

Benelli TRK502 in Elba Island, Italy

The bike sounds and looks great with an ability to draw attention everywhere we go. At the ferry stop specifically, it caused quite a stir, it is an extremely beautiful bike.
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