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Vuma Cliffs, Kilifi

Magadi Random
25 April 2021
Hero X-Pulse, 2 first impressions
22 May 2021
By Morris Njue

Last weekend, Saturday, the Nomads decided to visit Subaru Leone since he had not been feeling well. Initially, twas going to be Triffy Faith Akinyi and i. Somewhere in between that decision, Nicolas Kazz calls and says that he was at Voi going to Malindi on his TRK502. The decision was made to stop by Kilifi then later head to Malindi.

As randoms go, the adventure keeps changing. Moses Yaa decided to link up with Nicolas and they said that they'd make their way to Kilifi instead. As that discussion was going on, David Shukrani and King Silas had already decided that they'd be in the mix too.


When we arrived in Kilifi, we were met by David amd Silas but, Loh! Somewhere in between one meeting and another, Elvis Kinyua had somehow found some wiggle room and also showed up!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€βœŒοΈ It was shaping up into something epic.

We arrived at Subaru's and sat to talk and laugh. The hours passed by and by 11.30am, we were beginning to wonder where the boys from Malindi were. Before this wonderment could continue, Don Eddie pulled up on his liter sport and created quite the ruckus, spurring some excitement... When he got in, more story telling continued as everyone, just like at Voi, waited for the big girl....her thickness, TRK502.....and roar in she did, in all her Beautiful Bodacious Benelli Bounciness, rubbling her SC project and producing the most ATI-TU-DEY deep bellied tune i have ever heard. In tow was Moses on the famous Olaf and Jamie Karima on The Raleigh 200 sport.


She looked dignified and graceful, carrying her heft around in the same manner our strong African queens do with an air of authority about it.

Once again, like the TRK251 we had borrowed Franxs Mrisha for the day, she took the day. All eyes on her, all adoration to her. As we calmed down and sat to ponder upon her as a phenom, we decided to go say hi to Kelvins Kartel at his work place since he had missed out on several rides, before later shooting for most scenic and unique location in the coast: Vuma Cliffs.

The search for Kelvin found us offroading 3 street bikes and one seemingly out of place 1000cc Honda sport. Don and his beast were not phazed. Much like thr trip to Taveta, he picked a line and whizzed past everyone in an exuberant fashion, whipping up a cloud of dust and gravel and disappeared into the distance. I wasn't sure footed as i tried hard to manage new terrain and street tires on a 251. Nicolas saw me fish tail when i went headlong into deep soft murram with corrugations, but as my offroading skills kicked in to recover, he was not so fortunate as he had decided to stick to my line and also hightail it. He dropped her there. I didn't notice at first, but as we went further a long, in my rear view mirrors, i couldn't see him. He only materialized later with that tale... Now am thinking to myself that the 502 is heavy, but not too heavy to me managed by one rider. πŸ€”


Eventually, we left for Vuma cliffs Just at the junction, our own John Njenga was waiting for us with his son and their Suzuki 155. His son was transferred to Nicolas so that he could experience the big bike phenomenon, while my wife, once again unceremoniously snatched Silas's bike and sipped away.

Vuma cliffs.....πŸ€” is a place that can be described as partly surreal and partly beautiful, worthy of the word "Vista".

We roamed around the vast expanse of sharp jagged rocks and soaked in the humid salty air while loading up our phones with pictures and recording the memory. By day's end, as we parted ways, no one had eaten nothing but we were all excited and high spirits. Eventually, more adventures will come and more memories will be made where all Nomads will be treated equal, while the ride and brotherhood will continue to be cultivated.

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