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Tips for riding to Turkana

Yamaha FZ25, first impression
7 February 2021
Jincheng JC400
4 March 2021
By Sibwor Said So

Since I made a trip to the North, I have been receiving DMs from people who have same interest asking me various questions about the trip, so I thought its best if I just write it on the wall for everyone.

Here are some of the questions: -

Is Turkana doable in 1 day?

Yes, it is doable in 1 day or less but it depends with what bike you are riding any bike that can do between 100kph to 180 kph easily can spend 9-10hrs or even less, depending with your riding skills.


Can I do the trip on a speed / street bike?

Yes, you can. You will be having more fun on the open roads and can hit maximum speed on your bike without worrying about bumps, people crossing or oncoming cars. But before you get to the open roads past Kainuk town there is roughly 40km OffRoad patch which is not so bad, though the road is under construction, in a few months it will be another boring straight line tarmac all the way to Lodwar town, when I say boring, I mean I don’t enjoy riding on the tarmac.

Your only worry on that road will be looking out for the animals crossing the road, especially the camels and goats.

When you get to Lodwar town on a speed or street bike you can choose leave your bike there get pillion'd or get other means to the lake, if you don’t want the OffRoad stress.

Also make sure you organize how your back will be massaged cause that’s a very long way for your back, bend in one riding position.


Make sure you have fun. Take your bike up the sandy hills to see this amazing view of Lake Turkana


What do I need to pack and what's the best gear to go with?

Well, the answer is simple, pack as light as you can; keep in mind you are going into a desert, you don’t need to carry your whole house, the only thing you need is cold, rain and hot weather gear, If you can get all in one gear, the best. Apart from that you also need a swimming costume a towel and one pair of summer clothes just for a change from your riding gear.

Don’t stress yourself with packing water from Nairobi, just carry a water bottle should be enough.

Before I went for the trip I was advised to pack a lot of water which I didn’t need at all. It only made my luggage heavier; I say that because you will most likely not need the water until you arrive in Lodwar town.

Most of the towns before and even past Lodwar are developed and you can easily buy things through cash or Mpesa

So, all the water I had packed was useless cause it all became hot that couldn't quench my thirst so I ended up buying cold water from the fridge while I had water.


What to pack mechanically

Mechanical tools are very important for this trip, if you don’t have tools of your own make sure you travel with someone who has the tools and has mechanical knowledge, especially a puncture repair kit, very important.

Start getting used to fixing small problems on your own at least


My own advice to you before you plan for the trip

1st, you should get used to your bike

Create that bond cause the roads are challenging, especially from Kainuk all the way to Lodwar town its one boring long stretch with a very heavy cross wind that can somehow lift your bike if not careful.

2nd, learn and get used to OffRoad riding

Polish you OffRoad riding skills cause you will need it, practice more and more because when you get off the tarmac you will be having a very long stretch of OffRoad. And if you don’t enjoy OffRoading you will not enjoy that trip, especially sand riding.

My fun part of that road was the OffRoad part and you don't want to spend most of your time panicking and cursing the road than enjoying the desert.


For more options on how our trip was, click on either of the two links that were created with some of the friends i went with.


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