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Samburu to Eldoret, the scenic route

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27 September 2020
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11 October 2020

By Hill Ary

After Samburu, I got an emergency, destination Eldoret Consulted Dr Google and showed me 3 routes, I hate highways now So I settled on Nyahururu, Marigat, kabarnet Iten into Eldoret My journey started at around 8, after my host adamantly refusing me to leave at 6, sleepiness and I had not taken tea

I throttled my way to Rumuruti and Nyahururu where I has a fill-up and consulted my maps again. I had passed the junction I was to use to Marigat, road back all the way to Ngarua then use C51.

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It was at that moment that I knew I had better just ridden all the way to Nakuru and go on via A104, whatever I encountered on that road was beyond friendly for my moped. The road was good till some point where it abruptly ends and I had to go through dusty murram roads, rocky roads and at one point a flooded section of some lake.

That was where I knew I had lost it and now I was at the mercies of locals, asked about and luckily got some guys riding to Marigat on a BM100, they led me on till the Kabarnet junction and I proceeded from there.

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  1. Denis says:

    Wait. You did this with that small bike?

    Respect sir!

    I am inspired. I will join you very soon

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