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Round the Aberdares

KTM 390 ADV – A Bike for All Reasons?
26 June 2021
Group rides
5 July 2021

By Senior LM

Saturday marked our quest to go round the Aberdares through the counties that border it.

Muranga - Nyeri - Nyandarua - Nakuru - Kiambu - Muranga.

630am I picked up Oscar Mwangi and we headed towards Karatina to pick AleXt Ferguson. Between our balls were 3 Benellis fully serviced and fuelled raring to go. I had my pillion son.

On our radar was Nyahururu, have breakfast and do some pics at the famous Thomson Falls.

The temps between Muranga and Nyeri were super low, with intermittent heavy fog. We detoured via Marua and took the famous Kiganjo Twisties. The cold wasn't going to take away the thrill.

At Mweiga we paused to meet Alex's pal and rider in a Zontes. Nice guy πŸ™‚. He gave some escort all the way to Endarasha junction.


Road to Nyahururu, pure bliss. Minimal traffic.

Some Kms before Nyahururu we bumped into Maxwrist KE and his crew in an Xtrail, you can always pick out bike friendly motorists. They gave us way very politely and we stopped further ahead to say hey.

Nyahururu we do breakfast after viewing the famous falls for 70bob per head. Last I was there some 23yrs ago it was free πŸ˜‚.

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We sprint towards Gilgil. We pause at Ol Kalou for a break and refreshments. We were supposed to meet @moses nderitu but we hadn't seen that request.

Save for some unmarked bumps which we flew over, the dash to Naivasha was uneventful.


At 230pm we were at Naivasha in time for lunch. Had some awful little bird 🐦 in form of chicken πŸ” for a thousand bob. Guess the rally enthusiasts ate all the good chicken πŸ“.

Won't mention the name of the establishment but we were clearly underfed for the cost incurred.

Geared up and headed towards Nairobi.. somewhere between Kinungi and Kimende the heavens opened up. 🌧️ We could barely do 30kph. Fog and the rain 🌧️ was intense.


We sought shelter in a petrol station properly socked. Alex and Oscar had rain proof panties. Yours truly didn't have. I socked to the marrow bones.

Have I said here that let's respect even our boda brothers....... in a chitchat with one of them as we shielded from the torrential downpour he assured me that the rain 🌧️🌧️ is just upto a few Kms away so we should power forward and we will be ok few Kms down the road. And so we hopped on to our machines and left....and for sure after a few Kms the roads opened up to dry tarmac.πŸ™

At viewpoint we took a break for photos and had chitchat with some riders who were caging on that day.


From there we push on to Ruiru via Limuru (Waiyaki way had to be avoided like plague) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚where despite pressure of time we still took some photos. You can never get enough of those tea farms.

Ruiru we get some hot tea and charge towards Muranga at 7pm.


Arrival time 8pm. Bikes held together really well. No mishaps. Tired but had 450kms of absolute fun.

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