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Ride for a cause – diabetes awareness.

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22 May 2021
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20 June 2021
By Motanya Duncun

Yesterday I got a request on my Facebook page from a distressed mum. Her son, Joel, was diagnosed with Type one diabetes.

They were discharged from KNH on Monday but couldn't raise the money to pay the outstanding bill. When discharged, the bill was at 51k, but as of today, it had increased to Kes. 60,660/-. I reached out to our Diabetes Support group Kenya Diabetes and Hypertension Support Group who donated, and together with my contributions, I headed to KNH. I met with the mother, the bubbly Joel, and the father. Introductions, long chats, bill payment, and clearance saw Joel very overjoyed. He was everywhere dancing and singing, "I am going home, I am finally going home!" The Joy, refreshing honesty, and smile made me shed a tear and feel grateful for the role strangers can play in a person's life. I managed to clear the entire bill amounting to Kes. 60,640/-

Photos shared with family's consent.


After we got discharged, I took Joel's Mum and Dad (Doreen & Kioko) to DMI in Ngong road. DMI is an NGO that gives support (insulin, strips, Consultation, and tests) to kids below 18 years. We enrolled Joel to be receiving strips and insulin. Unfortunately, they didn't have Lantus insulin in stock, they have Mixtard, and they generously gave Joel some and Accu-chek strips. Many thanks to my brother Erick at DMI.

While at DMI, Joel started complaining of being tired and feeling sleepy. A quick blood sugar test confirmed his sugars were low. The excitement of him getting out of hospital made him play with me sana. We gave him a banana and later on ordered something for him to eat.

I hailed a taxi for them, and they left for Kiserian after our meeting at DMI. Joel's Mum and Dad are eternally grateful for our support.


I am passionate about diabetes and riding. I have combined the two passions, and this year I challenged myself to rides for a cause. I support needy people managing diabetes, hypertension, or any other non-communicable diseases with drugs, medical supplies, or what's urgent in helping them manage their condition well. Please reach out if you know anyone who we can support. My email is -


Support Ride for a cause through Mchanga

1. Dial: *160*2*1#
2. Paybill NUMBER: 891300, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 44699


Ride for a Cause! - Machakos Donation.

Today we donated drugs and medical supplies for six months to Josephine Mweu in Machakos. Many thanks to fellow riders in AMD and our members Kenya Diabetes and Hypertension Support Group You can watch Josephine's story here:


It is expensive to manage Diabetes & other Non-communicable diseases in Kenya. I know the pain quite well because my dad died in 2013 from diabetes-related complications.

Before his death, we had spent a lot of money on his treatment. We are grateful relatives supported us when he needed surgery for his eye and left leg amputation (caused by gangrene) because at one point managing his condition depleted all our family finances and resources.

NCDs (non-communicable diseases) are the #1 cause of death and disability worldwide. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – mainly cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, and Diabetes – are the most common cause of death and disability worldwide, accounting for 70% of all deaths and more than three out of four years lived with a disability.

I am riding across 47 Counties in 2021 to support the neediest People in each County with three to Six months' worth of drugs they use. If you work in a hospital set-up or happen to know anyone managing any Non-communicable disease, please share their details and encourage them; there is hope, help is coming. I need to know the drugs they are currently using, their names, phone numbers, and address (Home Location)

You can support my cause

by donating via Mpesa (The money you will be used to purchase medicine), or you can Purchase drugs and send them to us at DMRC Center in Ngara.

Mpesa Paybill


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