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1 February 2022

The Chronicles of Ubuntu Ride 2022

As we have breakfast with Dan, Mutua, David and Jose we hatch a plan to do an adjusted route. I loop House into the plan and he obliges. The route will lead us from Machakos - Wote – Makindu – Emali – and back to Nairobi, at least that is the plan, lakini ya mungu ni mengi!
26 January 2022

The untold story of big bikes

Buying these big bikes is one costly affair. However no worries you save and finally buy. The maintenance is where it hits you that you just got yourself into a very costly love affair.
23 January 2022

Eburu Forest adventure ride

Eburu Forest Reserve is an 8,715 hectare protected natural forest that sits atop a dormant volcanic mountain. It is one of those rare places were you can hike, ride bicycles and off-road motorcycles, camp, observe wildlife and completely immerse yourself in nature.
6 January 2022

Sala Gate, season 2

Following Nicolas Kazz post sometime last year on Sala gate, I added it to my bucket list, so today I checked on maps and maps indicated its a 290km round trip,
3 January 2022

Bush and beach in Mkwaja, Tanzania

this village is about 3kms away from Saadani National Park which fascinates me because one of its borders is the Indian ocean. So this place is the perfect combination of bush and beach.
3 January 2022

My bike story, a Tanzanian Rider

My family raised a strange matter against my bike, they even don’t want me to ride or own any kind of such tall and big bikes so they advised me to trade it with A small cc bike (boxer 100)
3 January 2022

Kapedo manenos

Bikers never try this route and don't say I never warned you. I'll never again in my life go through Kapedo - Lomelo - Lokori - Lokichar Road.
2 January 2022

Easy Sunday – the Ngong Hills circuit

Destination: Muturis, a choma joint with a “food court” set up – different vendors offering mbuzi, pork and fish. Spacious, with a kids' play area. Good ambiance. Music.
31 December 2021

End year solo ride

I chose to travel on this last day of 2021 to meet my other family members at the upcountry. I was to travel with my nuclear family, but I surprised them when I told her, "Mtaenda na gari, halafu mimi naenda na pikipiki". They never believed my words.
25 December 2021

Christmas short stories

Christmas is about riding down to the location behind your ID...
22 December 2021

Oloitoktok to Taveta through Tanzania

From Tarakea border post everything was nice the Twisties waaaa! I have never seen, the road engineering was nice, in every twist the inner lanes are made wider than the outer you can go wider on a corner without entering the other lane.
7 December 2021

Benelli TRK 502 Review

The brand has proven itself in Kenya. It will last as long as you take care of it appropriately. Longest journey I did was Moyale at 1400kms both ways in 2 days and the bike still felt ready to undertake another trip soon after. So on reliability we leave it there.
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