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Ownership review of my 2019 KTM Duke 390

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4 April 2020
Bajaj Boxer X125 and X150
28 May 2020

By Abdi Zeila

I first came across the news that there was a KTM branch in Nairobi on October 20, 2019. This was via a Facebook post on the popular African Motorcycle Diaries, a group with 30,000+ active members – the post mentioned that Duke 390s were on sale at enticing prices. From the information presented on the group’s Facebook page, I was able to glean the phone number of Mr. George Biju, the branch manager. I engaged in a WhatsApp conversation with him, and he duly supplied me with enough information that enabled me to make a quick decision to purchase the 390.

On the following day, a Sunday, I rode from Garissa (where I had gone days earlier on a family matter) all the way to Nairobi, nearly 400 km, to meet up in person with Mr. Biju. It was a weekend, but he made an effort to see me in person at his office at 2 pm. I saw a few Dukes that were in the showroom, sat on one of them, liked the feel, and decided to make a deposit the following day (October 22). I completed the entire payment for the bike on October 30.

Exactly two weeks after completing the payment for the bike, I picked it up, on November 14. I rode it directly home after picking it up. The 10 kilometers or so ride home really impressed me – the bike performed flawlessly. The following review is based on an ownership of the bike for the last 3,800 km.

The other important feature of the bike is the DRL running lights. This really improves my visibility while riding in town and on highways. I rarely ride after dusk, but on one occasion I left the office late, I was impressed by the illumination achieved on the road – which made my ride home even safer.

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Overall, I feel very satisfied with my purchase and I am looking forward to many more happy miles of commuting!


  1. Ismail Njenga says:

    Very enchanting piece of a journal. Its really nice to hear from a user and boost potential customer urge to get a KTM bike.
    I am currently thinking of of acquiring a 300cc bike.
    Kindly advise on cost, cruise efficiency, service and maintenance and anything else of importance to a learning biker.
    I am currently on a zmr karizma for the 6th month. I am in Mombasa

  2. Sandor Szoke says:

    Nice post…i want to buy it too for Kampala…so the salon still open?

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