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Nakuru accident report

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18 June 2021
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By DiJay Videll

Do you know the reason why we pray before traveling? Not that Satan exists in our roads, its coz we have drunk mad men in our roads 😑

So I left Kitale around 6:30am for Nairobi in hopes that I will be at the city before noon. When I got to Nakuru around railways, a Suzuki Alto with REG KCU 379E switched lanes from the overtaking lane to my "slow moving vehicles" lane almost pushing me off the road since we we almost at an exact position .... I had to brake, then switched the lane while hooting at him "like what the f**ck".

This angered him. He was in company of three other guys. He again switched to my lane again to push me off the road now intentionally for hooting at him coz he rolled down his window while pointing fingures at me.... A chase came up coz he wanted to hit me from behind, I was ahead of him slightly... Whenever i switch lanes, he switches, and I knew this won't end up well. Since my bike is a more powerful than the Alto, I managed to take off but I could see him switching lanes here and there in pursuit of me something i didnt want to take lightly for the sake of my safety....


Since I was not sure how this will end (maybe it was to end up longer and a small mistake will cost my life), I decided to get help, I approached some two policemen at a roadblock and told him am being pursued and showed him the vehicle which was by then coming.

The guys zoomed past us after being flagged down and they refused to stop.... The policeman jumped into his land cruiser and told me we follow it.

A few meters ahead, traffic had build up. The guy had no idea i had company, he braked in the middle of the highway. I moved to the U turn lane and he also jumped into it...

He suddenly reversed hitting me but luckily I jumped off the bike and didn't fall with it.


All this happened in the presence of the policeman who was trying to get to my side to get hold of the vehicle but by mistake he had taken a wrong lane and vehicles ahead and behind him were not aware of what was happening to give way....


The Alto guy then took a U-turn and sped off, the police also managed to make a U turn and went after him.

Later I received a call that the guys jumped off the vehicle and fled when they realized kuna noma, it was then towed to the police station... Mins later, the policeman arrived in the company of others, we loaded the bike to their cruiser and headed to the station to record a statement .....


Luckily my bike is comprehensively insured and also had my DL in place... Thanks to everyone who tried to help. Am so grateful...

I got a damaged headlight, front mud guard broken and scratches on the fairings.... Am pretty sure the guy doesnt know how pricey these parts can be... You have to import, pay shipping chargs and duty once they arrive.... Let's see!



A certian guy decided to screenshot my bike details and sent to my siz on whatsapp without any details of my well being and worst you tell her to follow up ajue niko aje. Now word went round that am injured / dead. Before you do this, have full info, where you got the photos ask for full info.... This a family member. Before you pass info, one can collapse... The info hits a family member hard na si kitu ya kukimbilia kupayuka... Friends can absorb the shock but a family member cannot. Am talking to you Qamar! 😑

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