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My first bike, Honda CBR300R

First bike, Dayun Dash 5
18 March 2021
First impressions of Zambia
16 April 2021
By DiJay Videll | Youtube: Videll The Biker

I bought this bike on November 31st, 2019 and within 1 Year 3 months (now), I have done 41,000Kms with it! Thanks be to God!

I have traveled far and wide with it, something that I couldnโ€™t do before and the majority of my rides are random rides even though, some are business-related trips. Thanks to the low fuel consumption, maintenance costs(uses 1.7 liters of oil, oil filter i use the one for boxer, 150 bob only!!!), and no mechanical issues/breakdowns!!


I bought this bike while it was at 8,000Kms from MotoADV Kenya and currently, am past 49,000 and aiming to do 50,000kms more on it before handing it over to another lucky rider.


One thing I like about this bike is that even though itโ€™s a single-cylinder, the bike has power! It has a good picking speed and Iโ€™ve pushed it so hard in that it skips some digits on the odometer. For example from 1kms/hr. it will display 4kms/hr. next without displaying 2 and 3kms/hr. digits. The bike cruising speed is 140 - 150Kms/hr. depending on your riding skill and with no crosswinds, the bike does up to 160kms/hr. without pushing it hard.


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