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My closest shave yet

Honda NC750x DCT
18 September 2016
Benelli 250
11 February 2019

By Johnson Mwenda

F ellow riders.
Today marks a year since I had my closest shave yet. This was the result of a head on with a car at around 120kph. My survival with 2 broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a few bruises was just pure luck.

Why I'm I sharing this now?

I'm a seasoned rider with 21 years on the saddle without incident until this day last year.

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I also have a small collection of toys in my possesion but that's beside the point.

Why did this happen?

I got corky and overtook a mat that decided 1 lane was too small on a 3 lane road and "pushed" me but that's too beside the point. As a biker I was taking unnecessary risk and I got my recompense.

Now when I see guys pontificating about speedbikes sijui what sijui what I just pity us. We are usually the most powerful machines based on weight to power ratio but also the riskiest in terms of protection.

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I was lucky and I know it. It wasn't experience or anything just plain luck.

Lots of our brothers haven't been but one thing I realise is that we always die from speeding and its eventualities.

I'm a very fast rider but what this taught me is it really don't matter how good you are or how long you have ridden. Speed will kill you without warning.

My advice speed if you must but if among vehicles tone down and take zero risks you will eventually get there. Don't assume it will be OK since you are on the right... You will die.

I will rest this here. The bike fortunately only broke the steering and front wheel components (about 100k in repair bills) I ran her for the first time on July 7th exactly 11 months after the consequences(not accident there are none) and she purred like a cat. She will run these roads again soon.

Now think every time you get on that saddle and work extra hard to stay alive and ride long.

And so we ride

Cc Mwandiki Marangu Lawrence, LadyBiker Carol Ian, Eric Prince Mawira Simon Okumu and the rest of us
P/s this is not for the likes or comments just my experience and what it has taught me. Ride safe.

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