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My bike story, a Tanzanian Rider

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3 January 2022
Bush and beach in Mkwaja, Tanzania
3 January 2022

By Israel Msuya

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” Tony Robbins

Hello guys, I’m Israel Msuya, A Tanzanian Rider (male aged 28) So today I wanna share you my upgrading story wayback since a 12 years kid wood-biker to 2016 intermediate rider(s) and 2022 a real Rider.

At first I was a passionate keyboard rider who love bike, My love to bikes was unconditioned, was like a never-ending song which always been playing in my head, I really loved bikes. Not just a bike but big moving machines was all I ever wanted, for all that time I couldn’t even own a throttle cable even having any idea how or when I will make it and own even a 5th handed 80cc bike.

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For all that time I used to make and customize wood bikes with bearings wheels. U can’t imagine a 16 years old boy still making and using wood bikes, I went this far even riding woodbike to Secondary School, when I was form two they burnt out my bike so ended up in tears.

That wasn’t an end but a beginning, my love to bikes was true and always increased until 2016 when I first owned my Motorcycle Lifan Xl 150cc.

It was a small cc bike but for me was a massive step I ever made since the creation of this planet, I remember it was raining, as it was my first time holding a throttle so I started learning (YouTube) how to ride the same day I bought it (Sound Dangerous).

I practised and leave at the very first time left people in worries. It was approximately 2 km away from the place I bought which could took me about 8 to 10 minutes but I spent more than 5hours (I hope you understand this struggle).

My family raised a strange matter against my bike, they even don’t want me to ride or own any kind of such tall and big bikes so they advised me to trade it with A small cc bike (boxer 100), so I bought another bike(boxer) before selling my Lifan xl.

I could managed to ride that small bike so ended up in many and minor road crashes, six months later I sold that boxer and left with my first Girlfriend Lifan Xl150, and it was my ambition to always have ride big machines and that feeling was spinning rounding in my head until 2020 when I first traded it with Honda Xlr 200.

At least I made another step toward, it was another big step tho, owning a strong bike from recognized brand, “It will never end, you gonna figure it out like you always have” I said to myself.

I had moments with this XLR bike as we all know there are ups and downs, but in all seasons and reasons we were together, we both survived a road crash some points in Spring 2021, there were so many memories to share.

In November 2021 I traded it with KTM 640 Duke II, It was an abandoned bike and should need time and enough cash to bring it back in line. It took one month for the full restoration process which ended in December 31-2021, took all my cash plus the left Ventricles.😁😁😁

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During this New Year season I had having lots of fun with this new Duke. At least now I can breathe. 😉😉

I’m advising you (esp. small riders or not a rider at all) but having that passion with any kind of bike, don’t lose hope when things went wrong, just stick in what you want and work on it. Remember it took me about 7 years to make it, yet this isn’t my dream bike.

And this is my diary.

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