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Jincheng JC200

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4 September 2020
The long way home
13 September 2020
By Frankline Wamere Ogutu, posted on AMD fb
additional pics by Kimathi Antony Mbabu

Courtesy of the bad weather during the Sunday Nakuru random, I broke one of my bikes indicator. i will tell you about what transpired during the Sunday random and how I came to lose one indicator later on. Yesterday, I decided to look for a replacement of the indicators. Since I love my bike being stock, I decided to visit Jincheng Motorcycle Kenya to purchase a replacement of the broken indicator. Apart from that, a friend of mine, Antony Gitau had sent me to inquire about a certain top box he wanted to purchase from the company.

While at their premises, I met one of their clients, who had purchased a jincheng JC200 off road bike. After some chit chat, he told me that he needed his bike delivered to his home since he was a newbie in biking and didn't have enough confidence to navigate the bike around Nairobi city.

And that is how I got the chance to sample the jincheng jc200 offroad bike and after clocking over 200 kilometers with the bike, I think I have an insight to give a review of the bike.

I will start with the obvious stuff, the bike is a 200cc offroad bike. The engine is air cooled just like the other sub 300cc jincheng bikes. The engine has a five speed, manual transmission gearbox and just like other off road bikes it has low gear ratio so as to deliver maximum torque and fast acceleration when riding. It comes with high grip off road tires which can handle well the rugged offroad terrain with the front tyre having dimensions of 2.75- 21 and the rear wheel being 4.10 - 18. The bike also has an electric and kick starter and both tires are uquiped with disk brake system.

The bike has enough ground clearance for most rugged terrains so as to ensure that no stone/rock can damage the underbelly of the engine. The wheels also have enough clearance from the mudguard so as to ensure that the bike doesn't get stuck when riding it in muddy terrains, a malady that other bikes greatly suffer from.

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I examined the spark plug and noted that the bike uses standard ngk D8EA. This means that the spark plugs can be sourced locally. The engine is a cg engine. This means that most of its spare parts can be sourced locally from any motorbike spare parts shops which is a delight.

The bike assumes an upright sitting position which makes the bike really comfortable to ride even during long distance rides. As stated earlier I rode the bike for quite a long distance, but at the end of the ride, I wasn't fatigued at all. A word of caution for short people though: the bike is very high. With a seat height of 930mm, the bike was not built for short people. I am not a short person but while riding the bike, anytime I stopped, I had to tip toe on both legs, so that I could be stable on the bike. This means that if I was shorter, I would have to lean on one side for me to be stable on the bike anytime it stops. On the plus side, the monoshock can be adjusted slightly so as to lower the motorbikes height. The owner of the bike was pretty tall so the bike was very convenient for him.


Since the bike was a brand new bike, I couldn't max its speed out I managed to attain a top speed of 80kmph at gear 4 but the bike engine could handle more, but I couldn't push it any further because the bike was still within its break in period. What impressed me most is that when I was riding the bike, it had very little vibrations, even at high RPM's!!!

The bike has a soft suspension setting and a large fuel tank. I fueled the bike with fuel worth KES 500 and the fuel indicator was still showing empty! The suspension was heavenly. Honestly speaking, the bikes suspension were way better than those of my Jincheng JC 250. While riding the bike on rough terrain, I couldn't feel the ruggedness of the road courtesy of the shock absorbers.

The fuel consumption of the bike is also very awesome. With roughly 5 litres of fuel I was able to ride the bike for over 200kms, that means that the bike consumes an average of roughly 40km/l which isn't bad for a 200cc bike.

I have never been a fan of offroad bikes. For a very long time, I have disliked offroad bikes but after sampling the jincheng JC 200, I would definitely give offroad bikes a try, especially when I find myself in my village, where most roads are rough roads and become impassable during the rainy season when riding any other bike that ain't built for the rough terrain...

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