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Jincheng GN125

Hotsprings in Kwale
13 July 2020
Jincheng jc250
18 July 2020

By Kibunja Wang'ombe Jnr

Y esterday as we do every Sunday we went out for a random with the destination being Tigoni... I decided to ride a Jincheng GN125 AKA Punda which we christened Jincheng 1250cc... It was the smallest bike in the group.

Although the bike struggled going uphill and couldn't keep up but on the flat stretches and downhill the small bike proved it's worth by keeping up with the other bikes.

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The bike is stock and only modifications done are addition of a radio (don't ask me why sijui pia mbona mwenyewe aliweka) and removal of the carrier.


I had rebuild the top half of the engine last week after it suffered a catastrophic failure (remember the pics of the piston with a hole in it, yes it was this bike).

The GN platform is a very easy to modify platform and is based on the Suzuki GN250.

The bike has an almost cruiser feel and sitting position. The sitting position is similar to that of a Kuga since they even share foot pegs although the GN has a more comfortable seat compared to the Kuga's bench.

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The bike has plenty of torque and its 16" rear wheel, 18" front wheel configuration makes it fun to play around with.


The downside is the vibration... The bike is basically a Giant Vibrator... Inatetema kabisa... I will be posting videos soon showing the vibrations.

It was a fun ride and the small dog surprised us all. The bike is a good choice for anyone under a tight budget because for 80K you have a brand new GN125 Which is reasonable.

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  1. Vic says:

    Hehehe hii giant vibrator 😂😂

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