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How I acquired my 2nd hand first bike

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1 February 2022
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7 February 2022

By Mbeche Samuel

I live along Ngong road and while working in town and Karen, it was convenient for me to use Matatus. When I got transferred to Two Rivers then the tough got tougher!

I am a Rugby player and I have to attend to training sessions after work, I work until 6pm. So I'm forced to take Uber Boda every evening and these Ninjas could harvest up to 600bob one way, then the thought of getting mine grew. I visit Prateek of Xinling Motorcycle Kenya and the Nairobi PowerBikes to see the Sportbikes I've been admiring on social media and on tv race tracks.


I fell in love with Taro considering it was liquid cooled, i wanted a bike i could depend on even for long trips. Then i come across a post by someone i know selling his bike which i knew from the stories i heard of trips across the country including the one that Gwaro Momanyi ( the seller of this particular bike) carried 50kgs of banana from kisii on his sportbike. I decide to pay him a visit and from the take off i get from this particular one,i feel the urge to risk it,he actually never talks much about it, he just tells me to take it to a road test.

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A month down the line, I approach this guy and he accepts to take a down payment and the balance later, suits me with my current situation. Now this is where it gets interesting, after wiring the cash, he promises to deliver it before close of business. Later sends me a photo of him servicing the bike then later on arrives when I'm closing work and he comes with an escort of his upgrade, an inline 4.


Geared we head off home and he promises to get me home then leave. He takes me to a petrol station and the dude gets me a full tank on my 18ltr tank🥸 then he tails me all the way to my estate where the two new beauties take over the full attention of the estate.


Long story short, the bike has had zero issues, i use it everyday, cruised to Kisii and back, I have grown my skills and yes, I'll give a review of the Kawasaki Ninja Ex250 . One of the small beauties that keep up with the big boys.

Moral of the post

Good people exist out there and just imagine how everyone would be happy with genuine deals.
Asante sana. Usiku mwema familia

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