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Honda NC750x DCT

My closest shave yet
8 August 2018

By 周宗傑

I was fortunate enough to rent this bike and toured the French and Italian Alps for two days and did about 600km, 95% on mountain roads.

I have to say I am very, very impressed with this DCT transmission. Full auto and manual modes. No clutch, no gear shift lever on the bike (almost feels weird at first). Two toggle switches on the left switchgear allow you to change into any gear, whether in auto(sporty plus econ mode) or full manual mode.

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Honda engineers did an incredible job tuning this transmission. It seems to be in the correct gear most of the time, and I almost never felt the need to change gear manually.

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Parallel twin engine only produces 55hp, but I have never felt a more powerful 55hp of all the bikes I have rode in that range of HP (Monster 600, SV650, etc).

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