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Happy Birthday KayTee

A Journey Cut Short
13 November 2021
From Narok to Njoro and back
21 November 2021

By Tonnie Gathogo

Today KT marks 1 year since she came out from the showroom. She has taken me to places

Just to mention Mombasa, Kisumu, Bungoma, Kitale and many others including one I will never forget a Ride to Garisa πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. She has done so far 38,476Km.


I am happy that she has served me well so far, of course there are those moments when an item fails due to wear and tear like ignition coils and a failed rear brake master cylinder. I have been riding without rear brakes for 4 months now even though i bought a new master cylinder.

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She had given me sleepless nights over grounding issue which made one injector not to get pulse where three mechs could not identify till I took it @mbugua who runs a garage called Infinity Motors. It took him less than 30min to identify and sort it out.

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Other than the above few issues the bike is an amazing bike so far having owned the 2018 model aka Mockingjay and The current KayTee i can't regret owning a Benelli.


By the way with all this mileage I have not changed brake pads still stock from the show room. I am not sure if my brake pads ka ni za chuma

Wale wanaulizanga spares. πŸ˜… we only go back to captain if we want another bike but not for spares. πŸ˜… spares with or without captain we get it sorted easily.

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Happy birthday KayTee you have served me well.

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