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From the ocean to the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro

From Narok to Njoro and back
21 November 2021
Benelli TRK 502 Review
7 December 2021

By Matano Mzee Ngala

0430hrs filling 13ltr at Shell Ukunda i started the ride of the year. 35min later at the ferry.

After Mariakani that's where the bullying persisted I was push to the shoulder so many times till I developed a formula, when a car overtakes and its coming right in front of me (one gear down gently brake indicate left run to the shoulder check right mirror indicate return to the road) that worked for me. Riding on Kenyan roads is a dangerous affair its like every driver is on a mission to kill a rider. You have to anticipate and prepare run to the shoulders safely.

From Voi followed Mwatate Taveta road not so busy road drivers were nice too. There is a junction after the virtual weigh bridge after Voi River that took me to Mambura Primary School, Msau market, Fighinyi Primary School, Wundanyi.

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Taita is scenic

My first mission was to attempt Vuria hill climb with a bike, from Wundanyi had to go up to Werugha, Mugange Nyika. I made the Vuria climb half way the road conditions were worsening and I was alone I had to turn back.

Back to Wundanyi decend the infamous Josa twist it was nice the engine braking brrrruuuuuuuuuu to Mwatate

From Mwatate nxt was Taita hill wildlife sanctuary i only saw two 🐃 buffalos nothing much the road was clear

Next was Maktau town

Entering Tsavo - there were carcasses of animals that were hit by cars on the road side the smell pyuuuu aaagh. 1605hrs at Taveta Rombo/Oloitoktok murram junction. Looking at the sky it was raining where am heading to.

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Next was Chala town the view of Kilimanjaro was not so good because of the ☁️ clouds i couldn't stop for more pics coz it was getting dark. From Chuvini it started to rain. I was rained on like a wild animal all the to Njukini.

Kilimanjaro was in view not so clear but i can see the peak from Njukini town.

Oloirien secondary school area was dry but there were flash flood from the rain in Tanzania, logs, twigs and branches were floating across I had to wait and seen how local boda boda experts cross the running water. A bm 150 with two cartons full crossed, I engaged gear 1 and followed suit.

A maasai man attempting to cross and log infront of him was swept just infront of him he decided to go to the other side and do rock-jump-crossing.

While crossing I heard a snap sound from the front wheel I thought its just a twig, a km later my bike speed is 0 and am moving, the odo is stuck at 12204km. Now I know the twig broke my speedo cable.

From here Kilimanjaro was visible and I couldn't get enough of the view all the way from Rombo through Entarara primary school to Oloitoktok

1830hrs loitoktok town came into view.
Find a place

Now its raining and cold and I'm sleeping alone like a panga or farm tool.

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It time to read my constitution on the chapter that deals with TAKING SHOWER/BATH.

ARTICLE 1(E)You shouldn't take shower at attitude above 5000fts above sea levels and at temp below 24⁰C.

Loitoktok is 5322ft and a temp 23⁰C

Following this constitution its no shower for me.

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