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February short stories

Moi North Lake Road, Naivasha
13 February 2022
The rise of electric motorbikes
16 February 2022

By Manuela Müller

Today I took the scenic route to Voi.

Total 482km

From the Western Bypass via Ngong, Mashuuru, then past Kili and the 70 clicks of dirt to Taveta.

Cruising speed from Laset to Taveta was 60... Smoothest dirt road I've done lately. Until I jumped over a bunch of holes towards sunset and decided to slow down a bit. How is this road still not fixed? 😱

My friend who grew up in Taveta had sternly warned me from riding through Tsavo at night, remembering accidents with elephants or stalled trucks. Guess what, I ran into a herd of zebras and giraffes just past 7. Shock on me! 🦓🦒

Yes, thanks for asking. My headlight is back in business! 🦸🏽‍♀️

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By Benjamin W. Muia

Solo adventure ride

Today I decided to take a boat ride across Masinga Dam following a route shared by Mwaura Wa Gitau.

Route: Machakos - Kithimani - Goliba - Ithanga - Ndithini - Masinga dam - Karaba - Mwea - Embu - Chogoria

it was fun offroading on a GN bike and a day long ride worth creating memories.

I also met Marigi Emmanuel who offered me a chance to feel the power of his beast. Take time and visit his youtube channel Aruna Africa

For the riders we met and ✌🏽 am greatful.
Honestly, fun begins where the road ends


By Eskimani Webman Gathu

1978, riding a XS 750cc Yamaha

On my way from Eldoret. Heavens opened and rain was an elephant and rhinos affair. Hapana your usual cats and dogs kashower. Was wearing cowboy boots and had tucked my mùfuto (trousers) legs inside the boots. Maji kajaa kwa boots and the cold came and settled there, with its relatives of course.

I stopped at Timboroa kwa kakiosk/kahoteli to dry up and have a hot chai. Soon as I got off the bike I collapsed. My feet were completely numb. Uwoga nayo! Kiosk guys quickly came to my rescue and carried me inside. They removed my boots and inside the boots my feet had been submerged in hundreds and thousands of litres of water that filled my boots. "Yes, hundreds and thousands of litres. Its my story ok?😠". I could not feel my feet.

The nice mama kiosk begun to massage my feet (talk about kindness) and slowly life begun to come back. She had also ordered my socks to be dried over an ooen fire.That is when giant pins and needles zikaanza job. Man, the pain was unreal. Pins and needles pain is something you dont want to mess with I tell you.It took me over an hour to fully recover.

I thanked the mama kiosk and her boys (thanked them well too) put on my now dry socks nikavaa boots and pulled my trouser legs out over my boots. Halafu kitu cha kuuthi is, hakukunyesha tena all the way to Nairobi. nkt.

Usiendeshe pikipiki na cowboy boots. They are ment for horse riding not the two wheel wonder called bike.

Webman classics.


By Vonnies Ombiro Onkoba

This quarry road from Rongai to Kitengela is quite memorable for me.

Tbh no sweet memories at all.
On the fateful day I had pillioned someone before then I was wooing. The plan was to show her my farm project at Tuala, then we do lunch at Kitengela with a good adventure along the way.

Before then I had never been on this route but was guaranteed it's a shortcut. Mimi huyo na pillion wangu enjoying the breeze and the sun Mos mos tu then we got to this mteremko. Remember I was still a learner this days and had no clue at all of engine braking stuffs. All I remembered was my "Boda guy" while giving me tips of riding insisted to me "ukifika mteremko finya clutch ndani" . Reason...fuel consumption. This was one of the most stupid advise I ever got.

Acha nifinye clutch ndani watuwangu...Ile shida niliona hapa sitawahi sahau. We fell like 3 times, bathed in that white vumbi of that area. Then I decided we alight I just push the bike. Before getting hold of the front brake taabu bin vuu.

Finally when we got through that quarry we all looked like some 2 wagangas. Needless to say I was not spoken to till we got to Kitengela. And friends thats how I was ghosted for making someone's daughter and girlfriend look like a ghost.


By John Mugo

I still remember like it happened today

My best friend Mwaura and I had a joyful ride from home town Sagana. We headed to Thika and later on our way back diverted to Kigumo ...nyoka nyoka road route for some delivery, until when fate struck.

No one actually remembers the ordeal but I recall comforting my friend that "mimi nko sawa kwanza kimbishwa hosi,nikalishe bike isiibiwe" though at the moment I was in pain and still fighting on with some complications, my guy also improving day by day

I'm good to get on board again, since it has remained only one week for my last check up and getting rid off plaster.

Thank you to all riders let's play it cool

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