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Eliye springs, Lake Turkana

Bike care routine
11 July 2021
Tatooinian strikes back
3 August 2021
Barpelo - Kolowa - Lomut - Sigor - Marichpass - Lokichar - Lodwar

3hrs offroad
Avoided TOT for security reasons
Some sections require an appropriate amount of gym attendance (to lift your downed bike)!

Suv' kama big man bazuu! Mchana ni kiti usiku ni pillow


After spending a good time offroad, I noticed this leakage on my left fork. A film is always in my wallet for such episodes. All clean!


Eliye springs

From Lokichogio to Eliye and back to Lodwar

Not a journey for the faint hearted especially if you are not spending the night in Eliye. Tough as you start, it test your relationships with the bike but by time you are making a return you are 'sandproof'. Short cut' theory did not work for me, I prefered Kangetei route while making the return loop. Its much better.


It was a direct flight from Lodwar to Nairobi

With one faulty plug (had only carried one from the last service for Emergency) I pushed on.We left Lodwar at 9am and first stop over for breakfast was at Kapenguria. There is a shortcut at Maili Saba albeit with a lot of bumps that goes all the way to Eldoret.


Riding Gear from Gear Hub

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