21 December 2019

67,000kms, shut up and listen

Tufunzane ukipata newbie advise and guide.. Newbie kubali uambiwe... It doesn't make you less of a man, makes you less stupid. R.I.P all those who are riding in paradise.
8 July 2020

What is a good starter bike?

Safety gear. Helmet, jacket, gloves, etc. The first year is expensive and the choices will be informed by the answer to the questions above. Cost it out, BEFORE buying the bike.
11 December 2019

Kerugoya junction accident report

Just at the Kerogoya junction, a fool in a Toyota corolla station wagon gets into the junction from nowhere without indicating and he realizes the oncoming traffic, in this case my bike and a Rav4.
13 February 2022

I survived a terrifying motorcycle crash

Lots of accidents happen on Kenyan roads because drivers are often overwhelmed with work, fatigue… hence make bad decisions. Your mission as a biker is to help them make good decisions by riding at a speed they expect.
8 August 2018

My closest shave yet

I got corky and overtook a mat that decided 1 lane was too small on a 3 lane road and "pushed" me but that's too beside the point. As a biker I was taking unnecessary risk and I got my recompense.
15 June 2020

Safety and Gear

This is another broad topic because it covers both the rider's skill level and the actual state of mind when they are riding. This could be riding under the influence of alcohol or simply riding when experiencing extreme emotions.
5 July 2021

Group rides

Riding in a group, especially in busy urban areas, can be either fun and empowering or stressful and even dangerous. Follow the guidelines in this narration, and hopefully your next group ride will be an enjoyable and safe experience.
27 June 2020

GXT Helmet: 17,000kms down the road

The GXT helmet fits well. During the first few weeks, it was snug. But down the road, i think my head compromised the sponges in there or the quality of sponges is questionable.
20 June 2021

Nakuru accident report

He suddenly reversed hitting me but luckily I jumped off the bike and didn't fall with it. All this happened in the presence of the policeman who was trying to get to my side to get hold of the vehicle
5 December 2019

Duka Moja Accident report

Afraid that the bike would hit me (thanks to my endless hours of YouTube videos on bike accidents) I looked back only to see my bike airborne and about to fall on me.
13 November 2021

A Journey Cut Short

All I remember is me putting my hand on my chest and allowing my self to roll till I came to a halt. Some guy came to lift me I stopped him asked him to remove my helmet as I feel my body.