16 April 2021

First impressions of Zambia

Zambian immigration was polite but careful - one look at my physiognomy was enough to send me for extra checks! I was allowed in, though!
3 January 2022

My bike story, a Tanzanian Rider

My family raised a strange matter against my bike, they even don’t want me to ride or own any kind of such tall and big bikes so they advised me to trade it with A small cc bike (boxer 100)
22 December 2021

Oloitoktok to Taveta through Tanzania

From Tarakea border post everything was nice the Twisties waaaa! I have never seen, the road engineering was nice, in every twist the inner lanes are made wider than the outer you can go wider on a corner without entering the other lane.
3 January 2022

Bush and beach in Mkwaja, Tanzania

this village is about 3kms away from Saadani National Park which fascinates me because one of its borders is the Indian ocean. So this place is the perfect combination of bush and beach.