13 February 2022

I survived a terrifying motorcycle crash

Lots of accidents happen on Kenyan roads because drivers are often overwhelmed with work, fatigue… hence make bad decisions. Your mission as a biker is to help them make good decisions by riding at a speed they expect.
7 February 2022

Yamaha R3 review

Yamaha has done the biking community justice by engineering and introducing the R3 to the market and this goes a long way in horning riding skills amongst the new riders; whilst giving them both the fun and respect they deserve.
7 February 2021

Yamaha FZ25, first impression

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23 January 2022

Eburu Forest adventure ride

Eburu Forest Reserve is an 8,715 hectare protected natural forest that sits atop a dormant volcanic mountain. It is one of those rare places were you can hike, ride bicycles and off-road motorcycles, camp, observe wildlife and completely immerse yourself in nature.