4 March 2021

Jincheng JC400

The bike is classified as an adventure touring / dual sport bike hence it is designed for both onroad and off-road use. The bike comes with a 400cc, carburated , double cylinder with a five speed manual gear box.
10 September 2020

Jincheng JC200

The bike assumes an upright sitting position which makes the bike really comfortable to ride even during long distance rides. As stated earlier I rode the bike for quite a long distance, but at the end of the ride, I wasn't fatigued at all.
24 October 2020

JINCHENG 200-GY-3: First Impressions

Morris Njue gets to test ride the Jincheng 200 off-road and compare it to Hajoin Warrior 200
18 July 2020

Jincheng jc250

After serious deliberation and soul searching, I settled on the jincheng jc250. The reasons were obvious, the bike had tech that I was used to hence resolving any issues it developed would be easy.
13 July 2020

Jincheng GN125

It was a fun ride and the small dog surprised us all. The bike is a good choice for anyone under a tight budget because for 80K you have a brand new GN125 Which is reasonable.