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Bajaj Dominar 400 vs Benelli TNT 302s

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27 September 2020
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27 September 2020
By Tonnie Gathogo, posted on AMD fb

My honest tested review.

They are both great bikes great feeling. I have had a ride on both. This bikes are neck to neck competition.

Dominar gives you 39.9bhp call it 40bhp and benellli gives 38.5 no much difference on the two.However, Dominar gives you 35Nm that means she is a puller and she gets her top end very fast ,while benelli gives you 28nm albeit slow for Doninar. With these two componets the bikes have the same top speed. Benelli top speed tested by me 170 kph while dominar gives you 169kph more less the same.

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The weigh management dominar takes it as she is lighter than benelli by 12kg. Dominar got it right on weight to power ratio196Kg vs 184kg. 302s is more stylish and beautful than dominar as far as the look is concerned. 302 uses tft colored screen while dominar kind somehow old style cluster but readable and fine. The downfall is where they have located gear indicators kwa tank they can redesign that on Dominar.

The sound of the inline 2 and single cylinder is no where comparable on this two bikes benelli sounds sweet and give you a feeling of big bike. dominar has sliper clutch,a plus. Fuel tank on Dominar is 13L and on 302s 16L which translates to more mileage for benelli than Dominar however, the consumption of both bikes seems to be soo close depending on a rider riding style. full tank for 302s took me to kisumu and remained 1 bar. point to note sliper clutch on dominar is not the same technology used on akina S1K its just simple almost like non in existence (sliper clutch feeling).

Wheel base rear for 302s 🔥🔥🔥 and you can adjust to even 180 if you want to,Dominar is 150.

302s spare parts some are available locally some are not as captain restock vile tu za kawaida.sometimes they stock non essentials parts you wonder why. however, they are plenty on Ali express i have purchased items more than 100times on Ali without fail or losing money.Each day Ali has new suppliers for benelli parts. Currently all 302s including dash and headlight are now available on Ali so when u crash u got covered but at cost🤣🤣. Dominar spares i believe you can get spares too since dealership is there but am not sure if its everything available since the main focus is on KTM bikes.

Bike prices

302 is priced well at 385k while Dominar 480k which is fair price than zontes and cfmoto of the same category. These bikes are almost the same each has its quick wins and shortfalls which makes them averagely bike of the same kind.

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  1. Khidher says:

    Thank u. Great to see a local review , very helpful especially regarding the parts etc

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