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Bajaj Dominar 400, 2019

Kibo K250 review – based on 8,000km ownership
21 January 2020
Life is unpredictable
14 March 2020

By Sam Omari

Disclaimer: I'm not good in reviews and these are my personal experiences.

So today #Optimus hit 5000kms, covered in a period of slightly less of 5 months. Each additional distance has been pure pleasure, These are my observations so far:

Fuel consumption:
despite the bike being a 400cc, it is very fuel efficient.

Highway consumption is 31-33kmpl with cruising speeds of 110-130, in city conditions I get an average of 26kmpl.

In city conditions, and by that I mean the crazy jam that's always along Ngong road due to construction, the bike does not overheat, if it does, the fan kicks in in in roughly -5 mins it's off.


The bike has a relatively wide handle bars 836mm, so in some instances u can't lane split, utaangalia tu Dasani ikipita na kudisappear place we ukijaribu utascratch gari za wenyewe.

Weight - 182 kgs but well centralized so u won't feel it at all, unless when making a turn or moving from parking.

Talking about turning, the bike has got a long turn radius. But when it comes to cornering, the bike inspires confidence, it has MRF Revz 150/60 on the rear which ain't bad for stock tyre.

Riding at night has never been this fun (mi huvaa machupa kwa macho-spectacles) but the 10 units LED headlight does a superb job. It illuminates hadi Naona kesho. No need for auxiliary.

Vibrations, being a single cylinder with large displacement, expect some little vibes... But it doesn't blur the view on side mirrors irregardless of the speed you on.


The picking speed is awesome, in highways even at speeds of ~120kmh, you still have enough punch to overtake at gear 6 without downshifting.. the breaks have a great stopping power. The ABS do a great job.

The riding posture is upright with the pegs placed at the centre, this results in a very comfortable riding position. During Long distance rides, unafika unatamani urudi place umetoka so that you can redo the journey. I did NBI-Bungoma - busia border with neither back pian nor shoulder pain.

The bike has service intervals of 5k kms on stock oil, it consumes only 1.7ltrs of oil (cheap huh!!)

I usually changes oil after 2500kms and I intend to do the same with Optimus. The necessary spares needed for normal service ziko pale KTM_Kenya enterprise Rd. They are stocking more parts so mtu asiniulize about availability of parts.. I haven't needed to replace any part.

The bike has a slipper assist clutch, so in stop and go traffic, u wont be feeling like u're in the gym doing forearm exercise. This trickles down to a smooth gear shift.

Mtu asiniulize top speed, hio enda Kiganjo ama TGRV ukajulie huko.

I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone. It's linear power delivery would do well to those upgrading from 200cc bikes.

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