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Bajaj Boxer X125 and X150

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17 April 2020
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12 June 2020

By Morris Njue

DISCLAIMER - these are my own thoughts on the matter and are subject to criticism and correction. I do not claim to be an outright expert but am close to 20,000 units on my odometer for the x125 and i have a few things to say. Be kind and civil in your responses. 😃 We are all here to learn.


Bajaj Boxer has been around for a long time, more so in our neighboring Uganda than Kenya, but earlier in parts of Western Kenya than Nairobi and other counties. It has been tried and tested and become a proven product. The BM150 being the most common model became the ambassador for this line, until recently when they figured they should add some little bit of torque (according to spec sheets and, with the unfortunate accidents, in reality too), change the styling and a few other basic ergonomics.

I needed something better in this range, and at the time my budget was low. The X125 packs a punch (for those with BMW GSes and other 400+CC bikes....wipe those smug smiles off your faces...😀I can see you from here! 😃) that catches many people off guard.

When i went to buy it, my friend nearly trashed it and almost hit an oncoming vehicle right there at the showroom! I have given it to the more experienced(this word is used losely here and applied generously! 😃) bodaboda riders who use the Chinese machines and, yes, a few of them nearly flew off the seats. Gear 1-3 are not places to linger around too imagine adding 25 more CCs and calling an ominous X150!!?


When I carry a pillion, the grip increases and the little monster just leaps into each gear like a fly to poo! And then it just rolls on like a tiny propane powered rocket in whatever direction u point it.

The stock brakes are....questionable and they wither away quickly if you are doing urban commutes (I had to change mine quickly too). The tires are narrow (i changed my rear to a wider, knoblier one for better grip, braking and performance) and they are more or less silly on the 125...on the 150, they are wider, offering even more unwarranted grip! 😃


So imagine now giving it to a bodaboda fella who is used to something less enthusiastic! A fella who is not keen on safety and gear and has to rush from point A to B to make ends meet before the day ends. Add funky brakes and poor training, pride and one random careless cager... It quickly justifies the saying "there are no such things as accidents".

Anyway, I am babbling endlessly and probably haven't made my point clear... I insist: this bike is just like any other... It will kill you if you underestimate it. Mine has performed well on and off road, no qualms. Yes, of course I want something more powerful, but, in understanding an ant, you appreciate a porcupine.

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