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Bajaj Boxer mods

Diani-Kwale Bikers group maiden ride
3 August 2020
Bajaj Dominar, 10,000kms
23 August 2020
By Morris Njue, posted on AMD-fb

R egarding SAKAYO; He is a Bajaj Boxer x125. It has now clocked 22000kms on the odometer and these are the mods i have made on him, and associated effects on the ride quality and lets call this "SAKAYO's Pimpin"

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I began with the tires

You have to remove the stock EuroGrip tires that come with them and switch to the beefier and gripier MRF tires. Normally, TVS guys stock them. The original front is 2.75 so upgrade to the MRF 3.0 while the rear is a 3.0 so you move up a few decimals to 3.2-3.7 (I forget but they will show u)


Improved braking, grip and stability on dirt and tarmac, improved stability over rough terrain (less bobbing up and down) meaning you can now take on ruts and ditches a bit more confidently, improved stability and maneuverability alone or with a pillion.

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Top Box

it handles my large(xl) GXT Helmet and recently the full carcass of a sheep! (uncut, just slaughtered) About 40kgs. It has LED braking lights too that are long and easy to wire seemlessly under the seat. I had to snip them recently however because i discovered that sometimes i need to remove the top box. It comes with a mounting base and easy to remove, 1 button mechanism.


reduces pillion space if mounted exactly it has to be mounted a little further back to leave room for the pillion to be comfortable even on bumpy terrain... So i had it moved back. Now it is fine.

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Leather Panniers

they add that extra "i am going wherever a GS will go" kinda feel😊. The offer extra storage space which has proved useful especially when I have to go shopping. On randoms, i can carry tools, medkits jacket or whatever i want in those panniers, leaving loads of room in the top box.


The bike picks speed and performs as normal, all except the point where it reaches 90kph and i can feel a slight wiggle and wobble. I have also learned that only happens when they are fairly empty. When loaded with good weight, the bike feels confident and peppy even as i go into 100kph.

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I got the M4 exhaust for two reasons.
A. Because I was tired of honking all the time. The Bajaj Boxer is a quiet ride.
B. Entertainment and aesthetics value- the grunt and spurts are a joy to listen to, especially passing by walled estates or underpasses or making sensitive alarms go off😈


You have to buy earplugs. Period. Beyond 60kph, you go deaf.
On the performance of the bike, nothing. Still pulls away as usual, consumes same amount of fuel too. However, i has added a distant hum or mellow vibration through 40-70kph, but, nothing uncomfortable.

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I can't even begin to explain! 😀
When i got it, i assumed it was a direct connection to the stock Headlight wiring. Loh and behold, my Bajaj killed tha damn LEDs. So i consulted with Kibunja and he told me that it is supposed to be wired to the Ignition wiring. I managed to get LEDs fixed by dismantling it... LOH AND BEHOLD, my mech confused the Neutral and the Live contact points. It lit up, but hours later, dead!

I have since given up on that cool Headlight and returned to stock. However, i am going to get the bright bulb instead....AND wire it to the ignition terminal properly😀


  1. Jay says:

    Impressive! Your bike looks cool and well maintained. Im loking forward to purchasing a 150cc and youve given me this idea that Boxer is a thing. Come to think of it, Boxer is the only bike i’ve ridden.

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