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Kerugoya junction accident report

Duka Moja Accident report
5 December 2019
This is an amazing feeling
19 December 2019

By Martin Baba Justin

Finally my fingers can navigate through the keypad and I narrate to the brothers and sisters what happened to me on Saturday the 7th DEC 2019. I am sitted at home some where along thika road and I think, why don't I ride to Nyeri to see my grandpa, a retired major whom God has blessed with many years. So I make calls in Nyeri to find out how the weather was and after being told it was Fair enough I put on my riding gear and bod my wife and kids goodbye.

I hit thika road at a very enjoyable speeds of 80-90kph since the traffic was abit bad and since I had a whole week without riding because of the ongoing rains, I decided to enjoy a rather slow ride.

For the first time I decided not to lane split at the kajam at blue post since I had decided to enjoy the ride.

Fast forward, I am at kangocho and I ate the Ka mlima there at my own pace (I know @Tonny Gathogo is asking sasa dasani na mlima??) I pressed my DY200 singing in my helmet the songs of happiness that finally we have a weekend without rains.

Just at the Kerogoya junction, a fool in a Toyota corolla station wagon gets into the junction from nowhere without indicating and he realizes the oncoming traffic, in this case my bike and a Rav4. The estimated distance between me and this fool is less than 10m. At this time the traffic was clear and as usual after eating that kangocho hill, o was enjoying the ride, cruising at speed of 90-100kph.


I hit the corolla head on and for 2 sec I was sharing the air space with birds. I crashed with my inner person telling me that am dead now. In a blink of an eye the good Samaritans came on my rescue and when I realized that I could stand and see every thing around me, I thanked God to know that I was so much alive.

No fractures, just nose bled and sof tissue injuries due to the impact. The bike got the better damage of the impact though.


What I learnt from that accident is that the quality of riding gear plays an important role for your survival.

Have a safe weekend.

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