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A Journey Cut Short

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5 November 2021
Happy Birthday KayTee
15 November 2021

By Kevin Inyanya

So today I had planned to ride to Hola, Tana River to go check out the place since my wife had received a job transfer there. This was to be an epic random. I had previously contacted Desmol Obinda Wamalwa to borrow his action camera.

I had already gotten my padded jacket from @LionKman and I was ready to go.

Left Likoni ferry at 6:30 heading to my first stop to meet and great David Shukranî. I cruised safely to Kilifi with no issues except the normal being pushed of the road by lorries and matatu and few private cars.

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I met David said hi and agreed to meet when I journey back home. He gave me the number for Moses Yaa so as I can call him when I get to Malindi and so I left.


Just a hundred metres from where I left David, I was cruising at 40kmh then a lorry hooted behind me. I looked at the side mirror then looked a head and saw that the road was clear for him to over take and I was already at the edge of the road. But the guy over took and pushed me off with the body. Tried to maintain the bike but the lorry pushed my handle bar and there goes the fall.

All I remember is me putting my hand on my chest and allowing my self to roll till I came to a halt. Some guy came to lift me I stopped him asked him to remove my helmet as I feel my body. And after a few minutes I could stand.


As of now I only have a few bruises on my palm since the gloves tore a bit. And although my left hand can move I think it was hurt a bit on the joint. This is also the hand I dislocated when playing basket ball in high school.

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I called David Shukrani and Moses Yaa as well letting them know and David came and took care of me. As I write this I am at a cafe near David's work place and my bike is being fixed so as I can head back home to rest.

As I close I give thanks to the Almight God for the protection from severe injuries and the gift of life.

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