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67,000kms, shut up and listen

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19 December 2019
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21 January 2020

We have ridden in through 355, 365 is for the promised still, yet we have cried, we have laughed, with some we have shared both, with some we haven't but still we have ridden through... R. I. P all those who are riding in paradise.

The rains have gone, mother nature is calling all bikes out... Today I hit 110,000kms on a sports bike. 67,000kms under my balls so i feel a sense of experience and authority so everyone shut up and listen.

1 Remember to shut your visor all the time. Try as much.

2 Put on a proper helmet. I mean 1 with all the functionality parts of a helmet, sio lazima AGV Riamacha Alexander sawa

3 Be visible, watu ni walevi kidogo but being the guy most vulnerable,, watch out MORE. Keep your reflexs 👌

4 Gear up brothers and sisters. Brethen and sistren, wanguana na wale wengine. Bare minimum at a helmet please. Boots that go over the ankle, and a leather jacket.. Sawa ride naked ukitaka.

5 Check your cooling system properly its hot out here.

6 Take your set of spanners and tools. Touch every nut and bolt.

7 Check your tyre pressure.. Its hit. Do 5psi less from the recommended.

8 Stick to the yellow line, be very visible. Saves alot.

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Kutoka hapa naongea na watu wa Sports bikes.. Sio kwa ubaya just binding the premises.


Sb.. 1.

Torque end is sweeter than the top ends of these bikes.. The risk is less, the leans are clean with the increasing rpms at leans.. Engine breaking is bae,

Sb.. 2.

Take time and learn something more to riding. Less selfies please. Go out and objectively practice a skill. Braking, body positioning etc.. Pia yeye hupika.

Sb.. 3.

Chunga usilewe. You understand the laws of choices and gravity of consequences on sports bikes.

Sb.. 4.

Stay more on the throttle than brakes. Use your power to move than to stop.

Sb.. 5.

Concentrate. If possible talk to yourself. Remind yourself to watch out

Sb.. 6.

Ride like no one sees you coz in reality they dont... Be a ghost.. Casper the friendly ghost.

Sb.. 7.

Knee down ni upuzi.. Wachia selfie riders.. Wazazi tunajua, traction is more when you as upright as possible, clean leans on the streets if you want to be as fast as possible, let your body inside the line... Go to kama hujui.

Sb.. 8.

Quick shifter is obsolete for the smoothest clutcheless shifter. Ukipata hio g spot aki ya ngai.

Sb.. 9.

Stay ahead of your bike properly, visual range. Target fixation in group rides, keep distance vs skill level. Mjuane vile mnaride. Skill levels. Msichochane, don't follow me into a corner uliza etc.

Sb.. 10.

CC sio riding, I have whipped too many on liter bikes with a sports touring 600. But the spirit to learn this skill should be the guiding light.

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Tufunzane ukipata newbie advise and guide.. Newbie kubali uambiwe... It doesn't make you less of a man, makes you less stupid.

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